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Superfinns mentoring programme helps Finnish growth companies go global

Superfinns is here again. The mentoring programme organised by Nordea and Kasvu Open is now open for applications. During the spring of 2023, the growth companies that are selected for the programme will be working with a group of Finnish private equity investors who will coach and challenge the companies. We talked to Vesa Riihimäki who heads Nordea’s Startup & Growth unit in Finland to find out what this programme is all about.
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1. What is Superfinns?

"Superfinns is a mentoring programme for scalable Finnish growth companies with potential to break through to international markets. This is the third year we have run this programme. We at Nordea and Kasvu Open noticed that the Finnish growth company scene needed a mentoring programme that would support and challenge businesses wanting to take the next step and go global. We have a jury that selects 15–20 growth companies to participate in the programme based on their applications", Vesa explains.

2. Who is Superfinns for?

"The programme is aimed at Finnish growth companies that have a scalable business and are at the stage where expanding to international markets is relevant for them. The most ideal applicants would be at the seed or Series A funding round stage. These businesses are clearly past their start-up phase and have proven market appeal. Proficiency in English is required as the programme is carried out in English", says Vesa.

3. What do the participants get?

"The companies selected for the programme get to discuss how they could develop their business with private equity investors and Nordea’s experts alike. Each company decides on which areas it would like to get input from the mentors. In addition, the participants have an opportunity to network with the investors, experts and other businesses taking part in the programme", says Vesa and continues:

"In early June, the programme will culminate in a grand finale where one company will become ‘SUPERFINN of the year’. A Finnish cleantech company Tracegrow took home the title last year. Besides mentoring, the winner also gets visibility in the form of news articles, videos and events."

4. Who is on the jury?

"This year’s jury consists of myself, Kovanen Capital, Nordic FoodTech, Saari Partners, Superhero Capital, Voland Partners, Voima Ventures and business angel Noora Fagerström. Our job is to select which companies get to participate in the programme and mentor these companies during the spring. At the end of the programme, the jury will award the title of ‘SUPERFINN of the year’ to the growth company that we feel has the most potential", says Vesa.

5. What should companies pay particular attention to in their application?

"The application is your calling card so we recommend that you spend time on it. We will select the participants based on their applications. The main themes of the programme are finance and international growth. Please read the instructions for how to apply and follow them because unfinished applications will not be accepted. When choosing the companies for the programme, we look at their growth potential, scalability and growth plans", Vesa concludes.

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Superfinns is open for applications - apply no later than February 8th!

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