Henrik Kettunen

Working at the biggest trading floor in the Nordics

02-11-2018 09:00

Video: Meet Henrik on a tour round our trading floor in Copenhagen and hear about his life at Nordea Markets. It could be you!

Working at the biggest trading floor in the Nordics means a lot of things – such as challenges and great career opportunities. For a young talent like Henrik Kettunen it also means a steep learning curve, easy access to expert knowledge and close collaboration with financial specialists who are happy to help Henrik out with solutions and answers to any question he might have.

Henrik has been one of the chosen once to join Nordea Markets’ Finnish internship programme called Future Finance Professionals (FFP). He applied for the programme because it – among other things – is known to be a prestigious programme with a good balance of competition and networking between the students. Also, Henrik believe that the programme is the way to get in to Nordea Markets.

And it turns out that Henrik thought right! Because after having completed the five months’ long FPP programme, Henrik is still here, employed in Markets.

Meet Henrik and hear all about his life at Nordea Markets and get a tour around our trading floor in Copenhagen.

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Deep-dive in to the FFP programme

What kind of work you’ll be doing during the internship, depends on the section you’ll be assigned to. However, the common nominator is that you’ll work with interesting tasks and have a lot of responsibility in the daily work. The FFP programme gives you an unique experience and insight into the financial markets. The programme offers you great opportunity to work in close collaboration with bright colleagues in the fast-paced world of finance.

We service local and global customers, including major Nordic and international corporates and institutions as well as small and medium sized companies and households.

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