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Nordea API Market

Your gateway to the API economy

With our Open Banking embedded finance solutions you access our banking services directly from your own systems.

Our APIs enable your systems and Nordea’s systems to communicate in real-time and automatically perform tasks that would otherwise be handled on separate platforms. This enables you to access information and services where and when you need them and to automate manual routines, remove time lags and lower your risks. By entering the API economy, you will have more time to focus on what matters the most: your business.

With our Premium API offerings, you will be able to empower your Treasury and Finance operations, offer a frictionless customer experience, boost your e-commerce and increase your level of financial security.

Learn about our offerings, study our use cases and try out our Premium APIs on Nordea API Market – your gateway to the API economy.

Nordea API Market

Open Banking is the part of Nordea that provides access to Nordea's data through APIs – Application Programming Interfaces. Through the open banking platform we interact with external parties, such as corporate customers, partners and licensed third parties, using the open API technology. This creates the possibility to develop and co-create new front-end products faster and to alter them more easily.

The API Market is Nordea’s market place for open APIs, offering both PSD2 originated APIs and commercial Premium APIs. At the API Market we have more than 6800 registered sandbox users and we have more than 400 companies accessing live API data across the Nordics, making more than 50 million API calls every month.

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