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Nordea Life and Pensions publishes its Solvency and Financial Condition Report

Press release

Today, Nordea Life & Pensions publishes its Solvency and Financial Condition...

retail banker award 2017 Nordea

Nordea recognised for IT innovation

About Nordea

Nordea won a 2017 Global Retail Banker award for its Simplification programme.

Open Banking – the perfect storm to shake up banking as we know it

Digital bankingThe Digital Hub

Camilla Bäck, Senior Business Developer, about the biggest technological inno...

mathias leijon sustainable finance nordea

The time for ESG is now

ResponsibilityOur work

Mathias Leijon, Head of Corporate and Investment Banking at Nordea, on why ES...

Stockholm fintech hub SFH 2017

Incubating ideas with fintechs in Stockholm

Digital banking

Incubating ideas to hatch innovative solutions can’t be done alone.

Sasja Beslik sustainable finance

Nordea is going clean

ResponsibilityOur work

Interview with Sasja Beslik, Head of Sustainable Finance at Nordea