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Get updated on current financial trends

Listen to one of our many podcasts where our experts give advice on subjects like personal finances, savings and investments or take you through recent developments within markets, industries and businesses. Guest are often invited into the studio to explore relevant topics and themes. 
Viktor Sonebäck and Johan Trocmé


Nordea Markets Insights is the podcast that gives you fresh perspectives, insights into current economic and political trends and updates on events in the global financial markets. The podcasts are hosted by Nordea Markets' leading experts, and guest are frequently invited into the studio.

English | Danish | Swedish | Finnish | Norwegian

Andreas Østerheden


Our investment podcasts are for both professionals and non-professionals who want to keep a finger on the pulse of the financial markets and hear how our strategists see current investment opportunities and trends impacting the markets.

English/Spanish/Italian/German | Danish | Finnish

The talk podcas

Business and entrepreneurship

The Talk is an inspirational podcast where you meet some of the sharpest entrepreneurs and game changers of our time in the Nordics. We hear what motivates them and learn from their experiences and successes. 


Nordea Insights is a podcast for small and medium-sized businesses where our experts and guests bring you the the latest news on the global financial markets and current trends.


Personal finances

Our podcasts on personal finances provide feed you with tips on how to optimise and handle your daily finances, investments and savings. Our private economists and their guests help you understand and establish the best conditions for your day-to-day finances.

Danish | Swedish | Norwegian

Cash management

Our podcasts on cash management and payments bring you insights and new perspectives related to payments and payment technology. We discuss topics in the intersection between banking services and technology with Nordea’s own digital experts and guests.

Finnish | Norwegian  

Marielle Løvland

Legal matters

Our podcast with Nordea’s own legal expert help you to navigate through financial legal matters like family law, inheritance and wills and commercial law.