Nordea publishes commentary on re-domiciliation process

Press releases | 14-12-2017 08:00

Nordea Bank AB (publ) (Nordea) publishes information on the main considerations and drivers behind the decision to initiate the re-domiciliation of the parent company from Sweden to Finland. 

On 6 September 2017, the Board of Directors of Nordea decided to initiate a re-domiciliation process of the parent company of the Nordea Group from Sweden to Finland. In order to provide shareholders with additional information on the main considerations and drivers behind this decision, Nordea has published a document at, clarifying the financial impact of a re-domiciliation, the impact that a re-domiciliation is expected to have on Nordea’s corporate governance and the listing of the Nordea share. Certain withholding tax-related items are also covered.

As part of the formal merger process, a prospectus will be prepared in accordance with the Prospectus Directive (as implemented in Finland). This is a formal document, which will follow the required disclosure requirements under the Prospectus Regulation. However, the information in that document will be prepared on the basis of already disclosed public information and will not present the rationale for the merger or any other aspects of the process in any way that would not already have been publicly disclosed. The prospectus is planned to be registered and available for shareholders in mid-end February and no later than two weeks prior to the Annual General Meeting scheduled for 15 March 2018.

For further information:
Rodney Alfvén, Head of Investor Relations, +46 72 235 05 15
Claes Eliasson, Acting Head of Group External Communications, +46 72 141 67 12