Nordea introduces “The idea of something better”

Press releases | 20-03-2023 10:30

Nordea celebrates the Nordic idea of constantly wanting to make tomorrow a little better. “The idea of something better” will be presented with marketing and PR activities in all Nordic countries starting in March 2023.

The marketing initiative introduces a cast of characters whose unique stories show the role Nordea has played in Nordic societies and in the lives of its customers for more than 200 years. Their stories cover themes such as sustainability, equality, entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Nordea’s values are deeply rooted in our open, progressive and collaborative societies, which the Nordics are known for. Even the name Nordea comes from the combination of the words Nordic and idea. Our new brand strategy expresses the Nordic mindset of constantly pushing things forward and how at Nordea we live up to our purpose of enabling dreams and aspirations for a greater good”, says Ulrika Romantschuk, Head of Group Brand, Communication and Marketing.

“The idea of something better” will be visible in social media, television and print and digital media as well as in Nordea’s own locations and channels. It will be launched in all Nordic countries, Estonia and Poland during March and April.

“We tell our story by putting our customers at the centre and celebrating the people of the Nordics. It’s a proud celebration of the Nordic approach to life and the mindset that makes us truly unique”, says Ulrika Romantschuk.

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Ulrika Romantschuk, Head of Group Brand, Communication and Marketing, +358 10 416 8023.


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