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Sustainability at Nordea

Accelerating the transition

As a leading bank in the Nordic region, we have the expertise and financial strength to support the ongoing transition to net zero. We do this by focusing on three key areas of our business.

How we do what we do

What our customers can choose from

There's a a great opportunity and a high demand for products with a sustainable focus, both for financing and investments. We offer a variety for both private customers as well as business customers. 

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Our collection of polices and guidelines

Who decides what is sustainable and what is not? Of course, this has to be steered in different ways. Here's the collection of guidelines, policies and position statement that steers our work and control what we do. 

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This is what responsible banking is all about

By supporting our customers’ transition through financing, advising, and actively engaging in our investments with a clear focus on sustainability, we can make tomorrow better than today.

Our ways of working