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Largest registered shareholders of Nordea as of end of September 2016

Number of
shares, million
Percent of Nordea
Sampo Plc860.421.3
Nordea Fonden158.23.9
Swedbank Robur Funds98.02.4
Norwegian Petroleum Fund87.72.2
AMF Insurance & Funds68.01.7
SHB Funds41.81.0
Didner & Gerge Funds40.81.0
SEB Funds40.0
Nordea Funds38.00.9
Fourth Swedish National Pension Fund33.40.8
First Swedish National Pension Fund33.20.8
Third Swedish National Pension Fund31.90.8
Vanguard Funds27.50.7
Varma Mutual Pension Insurance27.50.7
AFA Insurance26.30.7
SPP Funds25.70.6
Abu Dhabi Investment Authority25.30.6
Government of Singapore25.00.6
Second Swedish National Pension Fund22.50.6
Total number of outstanding shares *4,049.9100%

Sweden's and Finland's securities centres, Modular Finance AB and Nordea's Danish shareholder register

*) Excluding shares issued for the Long Term Incentive Programme (LTIP).