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Sasja Beslik

Sasja Beslik Receives Sustainability Leader Award

Our people

Nordea’s Sasja Beslik received an award for Sustainability Leader of the Year...

Nordea's annual report and sustainability report

Uusi suunta vastuullisuustoiminnassa

VastuullisuusReports and data

Nordea ottaa uuden suunnan vastuullisuustoiminnassa

New sustainability report and strategy

Reports and data

Nordea has published its new Sustainability Report, showing the sustainabilit...

Nordea signs Paris Pledge

Responsible businessEnvironment

Last week the world leaders signed a global climate agreement in Paris. Norde...

Nordea joining RE100


Nordea is joining RE100 to support their efforts to accelerate the scale-up o...

CSR Report 2014 shortlisted for best European CSR Report

Reports and data

While the CSR team work on the upcoming Nordea CSR Report for 2015, the 2014...