Meetings and attendance

Meetings and attendance 2020

The table shows the number of meetings held by the Board of Directors of Nordea Bank Abp and its committees in 2020 as well as the attendance at these meetings of the individual Board members:

Board members' attendanceBoard of DirectorsBoard Audit Committee Board Risk Committee Board Remuneration Committee Board Operations and Sustainability Committee  
Number of meetings (of which per capsulam)16 (6)10 (0)12 (0)12 (4)8 (0)
Elected by shareholders at the AGM
Torbjörn Magnusson (Chair)164---12---
Kari Jordan  (Vice Chair)15------11---
Nigel Hinshelwood16---12---8
Maria Varsellona (Board member until 28 May 2020)9---3------
Birger Steen16---11---8
Sarah Russell1610---------
Robin Lawther16------12---
Pernille Erenbjerg1610------8
Petra van Hoeken 161012------
John Maltby  16---12---8
Jonas Synnergren (Board member as of 28 May 202076------5
Appointed by employees

Kari Ahola 14------------
Dorrit Groth Brandt 
Gerhard Olsson16------12---
Hans Christian Riise (deputy member)

Updated: March 2021