Corporate Governance framework

Nordea Bank AB (publ) is a Swedish public limited company, listed on the NASDAQ stock exchanges in Stockholm, Copenhagen and Helsinki. Corporate governance at Nordea follows generally adopted principles of corporate governance.

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External framework

The external framework that regulates the corporate governance work include the Swedish Companies Act, the Banking and Financing Business Act, the Annual Accounts Act, the Annual Accounts Act of Credit Institutions and Securities Companies, EU regulations for the financial industry, rules issued by relevant financial supervisory authorities, NASDAQ's rules for each stock exchange and the rules and principles of the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance (the Code).

The Code can be found on

Updated: February 2017

Internal framework

Internal framework

The Board has adopted written work procedures governing the work (the Charter) and separate work procedures for its work carried out in each of the Board committees (the Committee Charters). For example, the Charter sets forth the Board’s and the Chairman’s areas of responsibility, documentation and quorum as well as the frequency of meetings. It also contains rules regarding conflicts of interest and confidentiality. 

Furthermore, the Board of Directors has adopted instructions for the CEO specifying the CEO’s responsibilities as well as other charters, policies and instructions for the operations of the Group. These, together with the Articles of Association, the Charter and Nordea’s values constitute the internal framework, that regulate the corporate governance work at Nordea.

Updated: February 2018
Application of code etc.

Application of the Code etc.   

Nordea applies with the Code and has no deviations to report in 2017.

In 2017, the Company had neither any infringement of the applicable stock exchange rules nor any breach of good practice in the securities market reported by the relevant exchange’s disciplinary committee or the Swedish Securities Council.

Updated: February 2018