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Board of Directors

Composition and diversity policy

The Board of Directors consists of ten members elected by the General Meeting. In addition three members and one deputy member are appointed by the employees, as agreed in accordance with the applicable law and regulations. The President and CEO of Nordea is not a member of the Board. 

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Members of the Board

The Board of Directors is the main decision-making body in Nordea's Corporate Governance structure.

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Nordea complies with applicable requirements regarding the independence of the Board.

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The Board work

The  Board elects the Vice Chair and appoints the members of the Board Committees.

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Board committees

In accordance with the external framework and in order to increase the effectiveness of the Board work, the Board has established separate working committees to assist the Board in preparing matters, belonging to the competence of the Board.

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Meeting and attendance

Meetings held by the Board of Directors and it's Committees, as well as the attendance of the individual Board members. 

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