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The programme

The Fearless Founders mentoring programme consist of four parts with inspiring speakers, live mentoring and networking opportunities.

The programme is for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship and startups, but especially targets students and future female founders. Our aim is to make it easier for women to become entrepreneurs and through this decrease the gender gap which currently exists. 

The venue

All events take place in Maria01, the Nordics' leading startup campus in Helsinki. The events are free and will include some snacks, beverages, and overall badge. Themed discussion tables for mentoring are managed by Nordea volunteers as a part of our community engagement activities.

Sign up

Each event has a separate sign up link, you can find them below. You can choose which event suits best for your schedules or attend all of them. The programme topics proceed linearly from the basics to taking your business to international markets. If your plans change and you are unable to come, please inform us and we will contact the next person in line.

Event schedules follow the same structure.


29.11.2022 – Startups and entrepreneurship, what’s it like?

First event focuses on the basics of entrepreneurship and startups and will familiarize the audience with vocabulary and main themes. You don’t need to have any prior knowledge on these topics. This is a perfect opportunity for learning and there are no stupid questions. This is a safe zone for learn together and learn the topic.

Our host for this event will be no less than Amel Gaily, Managing Director of FiBAN. Snacks and the catering for the first event will be taken care of by Bakerika.


11.1.2023 – From idea into business    

Our second event concentrates how to proceed after getting the idea. Whether your idea is a product or a service, you must find a suitable form for your business. This event will concentrate in different forms of entrepreneurship and risk taking.

Our host for this event will be no less than Amel Gaily, Managing Director of FiBAN. Snacks and catering for the event will be taken care of Bakerika.


8.2.2023 – Startup entrepreneur through thick and thin

The third event concentrates on ups and downs that startups face and how to deal with them. Our speaker will share their own personal experiences and discuss social structures in business world and touch on imposter syndrome topic.

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8.3.2023 – Towards international markets

Our final event culminates on woman’s day and our topic is how to take your business towards international markets. Event will include a panel discussion with investors and reflect on attractive businesses from investor point of view.

Why a mentoring programme for women?

According to a Nordic startup funding report (2021) there is a big gap between men and women as only 0,7% funding was granted towards female startups in the Nordics. Mixed startups with both genders gained 7,3% and 92% of the funding was granted to male only startups.

A recent study on the diversity in the Finnish startup ecosystem, drawing on the network of investors, founders and employees connected to Nordea's Startup & Growth unit, confirmed the need for a strengthened focus on female founders. The topics in the programme are built around the themes that were discussed in the study.


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