Nordea’s open art competition

The winners of the open art competition have been decided. We received 22 competition proposals – interesting and different interpretations of the goals of the competition program. When deciding on the winners of the high-level competition, the jury gave particular attention to the artistic quality and vision of the proposals.

The winner is Paavo Räbinä’s Magic Pulse. The second is The Secret Life of Plants by Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää, and the third is Marko Vuokola’s Viridi Micare.

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all participants!

Nordea’s open art competition was announced for professional visual artists and groups of professional visual artist operating in Finland in August 2023, and the purpose of the competition was to find proposals for new work to be exhibited at the new office building at the Nordea Campus in Vallila.

According the competition programme, the work should positively reflect change and provide a vision for the future. It was preferred that Nordea’s 200-year history and/or the colourful history of the block, starting in the late 1800s, was used as inspiration. In addition, we preferred that the work is in line with Nordea’s mission and values, which are reflected in practice through the promotion of sustainable development, equality and diversity.

The competition offered artists an opportunity to express thoughts, ideas and feelings or a story through intangible digital art. The competition entry could be a video, audio or light installation, or a combination of these. The competition rules of the Artists’ Association of Finland were observed in the competition.

When deciding on the winners of the high-level competition, the particular attention was given to the artistic quality and vision of the proposals. Other criteria were feasibility of the work, and the successful interpretation of the aims of the competition program.

Jury unanimously decided to award the proposed artworks as follows:

The first prize: Magic Pulse, artist Paavo Räbinä

”Creates a bold, colourful light curtain that provides a focal point and a backdrop for the space. Interactive experience, addressing movement as people approach the wall, potentially activating playfulness, adding an element of surprise. Reflects continuous change in the environment.”

The second prize: The Secret Life of Plants, artists Patrik Söderlund and Visa Suonpää

”An interesting new idea, bringing the microcosm of the green wall life into view. The proposal reflects sensitivity toward living creatures and the concept of growth and sustainable development.”

The third prize: Viridi Micare, artist Marko Vuokola

”An elegant, abstract, potentially mesmerizing interpretation of the natural phenomenon called ‘green flash’. Carefully executed and thoroughly thought, appreciating nature’s rare gifts”.



The competition program

Here you can find more detailed information of Nordea's open art competition

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Competition appendices

In the appendices, information of Nordea's history in Finland, and history of the Nordea Campus in Vallila is presented.

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