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AP in Financial Management

Internship at branch office

As an intern at one of our branch offices you will meet the customers when they need help or advice on their banking business. You will meet the customers at the counter or at customer meetings where you will advise them on Nordea’s products. You will also have daily contact with customers by phone or e-mail. During your internship you will also experience everyday work in one of our teams of advisers.

During the internship we expect you to

  • try out a busy everyday work life at a branch office

  • become part of our team – and live our values
  • translate theory into practice
  • test your ability in terms of the competencies that we need our future advisers to have
  • assume responsibility to the extent that you’re willing and able
  • decide whether we’re a match – and we will do the same.

A mentor will be assigned to you during the internship and you will find that great emphasis is placed on feedback and your development. In addition, you will participate in a joint intro day with other interns and have the opportunity for sparring in connection with your bachelor project.

Steps of the programme

1. Student, 18 months


3. Main project and holiday, 3 months/1 month

2. Internship and main project


4. Trainee, 12 months

5. First job, individual

Listen to the story of an AP in Financial Management

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Career opportunities after the internship

Trainee programme

After the internship you will attend an exciting trainee programme. It’s a packed programme with job training, e-learning and in-house courses and an academy profession programme (Akademiuddannelse, FRØK).

The purpose is for you to:

  • build on your competencies
  • gain more practical experience with customer service and sales
  • prove your ability to use new knowledge in your day-to-day contact with customers
  • take initiative and responsibility.

The first job after the trainee programme

At this point you’ve opened the door to your career. Now you have to step over the threshold and find your own way.

But no matter where you’re employed, your working days will revolve around people. We team up to create value for our customers. We help them reach their goals and realise their dreams. When the customers reach their goals, we reach ours.

Internship application tips

  • Explain why you want to become an intern at Nordea.
  • Be clear and concise and focus on what you’re good at. We receive a lot of applications, so it’s important that your message is clear.
  • Attach a CV with a chronological description of your education, previous jobs etc.
  • Attach your end-of-term grades from the AP Degree Programme in Financial Management and exam grades from your most recently completed education (higher commercial examination (HHX), upper secondary certificate (studentereksamen) or similar).
  • Attach recommendations, if any, from relevant jobs.