31-05-2024 09:42

Awarding life-impacting ideas

Yesterday we celebrated the winners of our special innovation contest for entrepreneurs that make a real difference in people's lives with the their products or services.

For the first time, we have been running the contest in both Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The thinking behind the contest is to nurture business ideas that include an ability variation perspective in their business concept as Nordea wants to contribute to more inclusive workplaces and societies


The three winners


Anatomic Studios which creates personalised prosthetic accessories was the Swedish winner. Through flexible digital tools and innovative solutions the company focuses on anatomy as well as personal style for the individual, while contributing to creating a new and positive societal attitude towards the use of assistive devices.

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In Denmark the award went to Pull & GO. Pull & GO has created a pull function with removable handles for manual wheelchair users to prevent shoulder pain. The Pull & GO team consists of students from the University of Aalborg with a passion for health and less inequality. 

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In Finland the consulting company Riesa Consultative was awarded. Their services aim at increasing inclusion in society by improving accessibility in construction projects, public events and schools. In addition, Riesa offers training to employers and organises the Barrier-Free Summer Work campaign, which strengthens the employment of young people with disabilities.

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About the contest

In 2019 Nordea created the Funkoprenör of the year award in Sweden for entrepreneurs or companies that include an ability variation perspective in their business concept. Last year, Denmark followed suit with the Handiprenør of the year award and this year saw the launch of the first Vuoden erityinen yrittäjä award in Finland. 

Diversity & inclusion