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Diversity and inclusion is a natural part of our daily work

Diversity and inclusion

Nordea is a proud partner of Pride 2021. Being diverse and inclusive is at the top of our agenda. Every day, we strive to find new ways to improve diversity and inclusion within Nordea, in our relations with our customers and in wider society. Supporting Pride is fully in keeping with this.

Nordea has almost 10 million customers and more than 28,000 employees, all with a unique story. Our employees collectively speak around 50 different languages and come from all over the world. All of these different backgrounds, experiences and qualities give us a broader perspective and enable us to better serve our customers. They also help us to be a good corporate citizen, while at the same time enabling us to attract and retain a diverse and inclusive workforce. We want to stand up for everybody’s equal value and opportunities, which are some of our most important values.

“Diversity and Inclusion aren’t something you can achieve through individual initiatives alone. They require a certain mindset and certain ways of working. We strive constantly to be an inclusive and equal workplace,” comments Åsa Nilsson Billme, Head of Diversity & Inclusion at Nordea.

At Nordea, we have launched a number of initiatives to promote diversity and inclusion. In May, we take part in European Diversity Month, celebrating our differences on each day of the month. We are also partnering with Pride again this year to celebrate an increasingly diversified, equal and inclusive society.

“We want diversity and inclusion to be at the heart of everything that we do, and we all have to take ownership. Top-management commitment, leadership practices and employee engagement – top-down, bottom-up, we are all in this together,” explains Åsa Nilsson Billme. 

In other words, it’s dependent on both our employees and our leaders engaging at all levels throughout the organisation. Three members of the Group Leadership Team are members of our Diversity Committee. We also support our leaders by providing them with training and tools. In addition, we encourage employee-led groups, through which people can contribute valuable insights from their everyday work (read more below).

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    It’s incredibly important to have a workplace and working life in which everyone can be themselves. It enriches us and helps us to develop.

    Åsa Nilsson Billme, Head of Diversity and Inclusion


    A few examples of how we work with diversity and inclusion at Nordea:

    • We have employee-led groups focusing on fields such as LGBTQ+, ability variation, age diversity, gender equality and cultural diversity in Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Estonia and Poland.
    • We continuously work to raise awareness about Diversity & Inclusion within the bank, and have developed several guidelines and tools to support this.
    • We are constantly developing our people processes, including recruitment and talent management, to ensure equal opportunities and inclusion. 
    • We have a clear focus on understanding the impact of bias and train our leaders in recognising this.
    • Through our “Let’s Talk” tool, we promote an ongoing dialogue to proactively guard against any kind of harassment in the workplace. Nordea has a zero tolerance approach to threats, harassment, violence, bullying, etc., both from customers and between colleagues.
    Our people

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