22-03-2022 11:00

“It’s the differences that make us stronger”

Nordea has now signed diversity charters in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Poland, joining over 12,000 signatories in a push for more diverse workplaces.

At Nordea we strive to become more diverse and inclusive and therefore support a number of diversity initiatives in the countries where we have the main part of our customers and employees. With the signing of the EU-supported diversity charters and participation in their related activities, we join over 12,000 signatories representing over 16 million employees throughout Europe.

"Gender balance and age balance are something that we are continuously working on and we want to make more of it than just looking at numbers.”

Chief People Officer Christina Gadeberg

The signing means that Nordea commits to creating and maintaining an inclusive work environment for our employees, regardless of their age, different abilities, gender, race or ethnic origin, religion or sexual orientation. It also gives Nordea access to a network where knowledge and best practices are shared among members. And although Nordea has come a long way, there is still work to do to truly become a diverse and inclusive workplace, explains Chief People Officer Christina Gadeberg:

“Today, Nordea is a culturally diverse workplace, with employees from around 100 countries speaking close to 60 languages, but we also know that there is much more to diversity than this. We can take it further. Gender balance and age balance are something that we are continuously working on and we want to make more of it than just looking at numbers.” She continues:

“Inclusion at Nordea means that we appreciate you for who you are and what makes you unique – including your gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, abilities, age, educational background, personality or other aspects of your identity, and that’s exactly what’s the essence of the charters we have signed. Across Europe, we see many companies that want to open up for a broader range of people with more different perspectives and ideas, because at the end it’s the differences that make them – and us – stronger.”

What are the Diversity Charters?

In 2010 the European Commission launched the EU Platform of Diversity Charters to support companies, public institutions and non-profit organisations in putting diversity, inclusion and solidarity at the core of their activities.

  • 26 national Diversity Charters are signed across the EU
  • The charters have over 12,000 signatories (companies, public institutions, NGOs, universities, unions) representing over 16 million employees
  • The charters and activities are organised by different non-profit organisations in each country
  • It is the world’s largest corporate network for diversity, equity & inclusion
  • In Norway, Nordea has signed a new charter established by Women in Finance (Kvinner i Finans) as Norway is not part of EU.

Examples of Nordea activities to support diversity and inclusion:

  • Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) focusing on cross-cultural inclusion, gender balance, LGBT+ inclusion, ability variation and cross-generational inclusion.
  • Seminars on diversity and inclusion and tools for inclusion at meetings, in recruitment, the work environment and in our communication.
  • Continuous improvement in all parts of our recruitment process, including how we write advertisements in an unbiased manner.
  • Focus on using the most inclusive language and imagery possible and avoiding discriminatory word choices in for example recruiting.
  • Equal parental leave for rainbow parents also in countries where legislation is not yet covering this.
  • European Diversity Month activities highlighting diversity and inclusion.
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