“Being a graduate makes networking effortless” – meet Nathan

02-05-2023 09:26

Meet Nathan Kebede, a 24-year-old Personal Banking graduate in Norway, who started as a graduate after finishing an MSc in Business in the summer of 2022. He was motivated to join Nordea because of the many opportunities the bank offers as a large, international organisation. Learn more about the training Nathan has just taken part in and why you should join Nordea and the graduate programme.

by Nathan Kebede

Why did you apply to the Nordea graduate programme?

First and foremost, I applied to the graduate programme since I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do after finishing my studies. Despite focusing on business in my degree, I knew that I wanted to explore and acquire tacit knowledge of the data and technology side of business. Together with my impression of Nordea being the leading bank in the Nordics with a strong focus on technological developments, I saw the graduate programme as an exceptional opportunity to keep developing myself within a progressive company.

What do you like most about the programme?

I truly appreciate the endless possibilities you have to rotate between positions while being a graduate, enabling us to deep dive and learn about different aspects of the organisation. And in my experience, being a graduate makes networking effortless, and colleagues across the organisation are genuinely interested in getting to know you. I have had multiple intriguing and thought-provoking coffee chats so far with plenty of opportunities to expand my professional network. Meeting up and having lunch with the other graduates regularly has also made us a rather tight-knit group, and I’m grateful for the personal connections I’ve made here.

In the programme we work with rotations. Could you tell us more about what your journey has looked like so far?

I started my journey working with data science and analytics, closely aligned with my interests when applying to the programme. I was challenged in various ways and acquired a lot of knowledge through learning by doing – and with great support. Specifically, I acquired hands-on experience with data cleaning and preparation, as well as data analysis, machine learning, and using structured data to enable relevant communication to customers through marketing automation. I have recently rotated into a role where I use this data first-hand within the Marketing Automation area. After this rotation, I’ll spend some time in Denmark working with Web Analytics – and I can’t wait to get started!

How is the working environment, the culture and your colleagues?

The working environment is great! It’s very positive and supportive, and with a culture focused on collaboration and open communication, it’s easy to work together efficiently. People are friendly, talented, dedicated to their work, and rather easy-going, making it simple to describe the working environment as just fantastic.

Nordea Norway Graduates participating in the Presentation Skills Training

The programme is designed to give graduates business knowledge, with focus on both personal and professional development. You have just completed the presentation skills training in the programme. Can you tell us more about the training and what you’ve learned?

We had two full days of presentation skills training, where we gave a presentation we prepared in advance and a presentation based on unprepared material, both solo and in groups. Then we received feedback from fellow graduates and the training facilitators. We learned about several aspects of presenting, such as different presentation styles, slide deck development, tone of voice and pacing, to mention a few. All in all, it was a successful training event where we all left with more tools in our presentation toolbox. I really appreciate that the graduate programme provides on the job training as well as training that boosts our overall personal and professional development.

What is your best piece of advice for others that want to join the graduate programme and Nordea?

I would recommend everyone who is eligible to apply for the programme, but especially if you have a diverse set of professional passions you want to explore. Spend those extra ten minutes polishing your application letter, and be transparent about what you want to learn more about and why, what you find engaging, and why you think the graduate programme at Nordea would fit you specifically.

For those who are accepted, my advice is to just be yourself and stay curious!

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