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09-09-2021 09:30

Customers get the benefits of new common Nordic mobile platform

Nordea’s customers have gradually embraced our new mobile and online banking solutions; a fresh survey in Denmark shows that Nordea’s ratings have improved significantly over the past year.
Mads Skovlund, Head of Personal Banking DK
Mads Skovlund Pedersen, Head of Personal Banking in Denmark.

A new survey from Voxmeter of Danish customers’ satisfaction with digital banking solutions shows progress among the Danish Nordea customers. According to an article in Børsen, satisfaction with Nordea’s mobile banking app has improved from an index ranking of 78 to 85 from August 2020. Netbank has moved up from a ranking of 85 to 89 and is now on a par with our competitors.

“This is a sharp increase in customer satisfaction. It shows that the customers are now reaping the fruits of the long, tough haul we’ve undertaken to merge several platforms across countries into one.” But we’re there now and able to launch exciting features much faster, and our customers are rewarding us for that in the survey,” says Mads Skovlund Pedersen, Head of Personal Banking in Denmark.

The digital solutions can pave the way for even more fully present customer experiences. 

Mads Skovlund Pedersen, Head of Personal Banking in Denmark

Lifted by clear IT strategy

He explains that as Head of Personal Banking, he is very grateful for the digital strategy that was developed several years ago and for the huge effort made by Nordea’s digital teams over a very long period of time.

“Somebody was good at thinking ahead and I think we have our finger on the pulse now. Our One Digital colleagues deliver a coherent, seamless experience, with chat support or a meeting just one click away. That’s exactly how it should be.”

Mads Skovlund Pedersen points to mobile banking features such as blocking of cards, ordering new cards and refinancing of home loans, which make it easier and faster to be a customer with Nordea.

“You can use us when you’re on the go or just want to check your loans when relaxing on the couch at home, and that’s a really important part of the overall customer experience. And if you want a bigger overview, Netbank is now also a far more user-friendly and up-to-date experience.”

Digital and close by 

However, the survey results are not making Mads Skovlund lean back; Nordea has trailed the competitors in terms of mobile and online banking solutions for several years and still needs to launch solutions at a fast pace to keep up and create the best possible conditions for personal advisory services.     

“By simplifying the digital experience we can achieve what we want with our personal advisory services: focusing on the customer’s life situation and the more complex choices such as buying a home, saving up or investing. The digital solutions can pave the way for even more fully present customer experiences.” 

Get started with our digital services

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