Joonas Karaila, Assistant Analyst, at Copenhagen office Trading floor

"Endless learning possibilities and amazing people” - meet Joonas

29-06-2022 14:55

(FFP #2) Joonas is located in Helsinki but most of his team members in e-Trading are situated at the trading floor in Copenhagen, so he was invited to visit “amazing team members” and see the biggest trading floor in the Nordics. Let’s meet Joonas and hear about his work, about the endless learning possibilities Markets offers, and why team work and diversity matters..

By Joonas Karaila (25)

I graduated recently with my master’s degree from Tampere University where I studied Industrial Engineering & Management and Applied Mathematics.

I’m one of the interns in the Future Finance Professionals (FFP) program 2022. I'm currently, working as Assistant Analyst in FX Data and Insights competence team in the Markets e-Trading organisation. I’m also part of Next Gen FX value stream, where we work in automating liquidity management and FX hedging for Nordea’s customers. Our main products are AutoFX Liquidity Management and AutoFX Hedging.

My responsibilities vary from smaller ad hoc tasks such as analysing what’s happened with a customer lately to larger projects such as creating a program for finding patterns from derivative contract time series data. There are a few larger projects with longer time horizons which I work on when I don’t have anything more urgent going on, or if a project has top priority. My work day can change quickly if something sudden happens, and for instance there’s an urgent need for an analysis.

Communication is key to success

My job requires great problem solving skills, since that’s what it’s all about, as well as doing different analyses for various stakeholders. The solutions should often be general enough so that the solution can be repeated elsewhere easily. At the same time, it is important to understand how much work should be put into the solution. 

I have noticed the benefit of this approach multiple times during the short time of two months I’ve worked at Nordea. Personally, I believe communication is the key to success in addition to understanding the business. Great problem solving skills are a must but understanding how the analyses and solutions are tied to business problems helps in solving the problems.

Bootcamp lecture with great fellow interns.

The possibilities to learn are endless here. The learning happens mainly in the job as new problems come up, and they need to be solved. But additionally, you hear what is going on at other desks and you can go speak to industry leading experts.

I like being located on the trading floor, as it’s possible to hear about new concepts all the time and it’s possible to ask for help or for an opinion from a senior colleague with industry knowledge.

There’s also the Brilliance Sharing program going on at Nordea Markets which makes it possible to book a time from anyone to share knowledge about a topic. In addition to these possibilities there are different online platforms, which can be used to learn about various topics. We also had a two day Summer Academy Bootcamp for the interns to learn what different teams do around Nordea.

There are many learning opportunities, and I’m planning on soaking up all the knowledge I can during the internship.

Visit to Copenhagen – meeting amazing, skilled teams

It is not possible to write this blog without mentioning how amazing the teams are and how skilled they are on both theoretical and practical levels.

Flying over Denmark on my way to meet my team in Copenhagen.

I got a chance to meet my team face to face on a trip to Copenhagen and it was wonderful to see how like-minded they were and how much they knew. I had great chats with different people at the trading floor there, and I got to learn a lot in only a few days. I had a great time speaking about different ideas. I believe there is no problem that could not be solved by combining the diverse skillsets of different professionals in the different teams.

Driven to succeed and very nice

Finally, I’d like to end the blog by mentioning the other interns in the Future Finance Professional program. They are all driven to succeed in their roles and they are all nice people. We have had few ‘after-works’, and other events where we have had time to speak and learn about each other. Everyone is a person I’d like to work with in the future.

Also, we’re all very different which is a good thing. There is a need for diverse group of people who complement each other in different ways and help each other succeed in the common goal. Some people like me are more technical, while others are more sales-minded for example.

The FFP programme makes it possible to learn and do so much at the beginning of your career.

It is not possible to flourish alone on the large projects, but by working together. By talking to other interns it is possible to hear what their jobs are like and hear about the problems they are working with. I believe sensing and having intellectual curiosity is important in the beginning of the career as there is so much that you don’t know that you don’t know about. The FFP program makes it possible to learn and do so much at the beginning of your career.


Stay tuned for more FFP blogs. Meanwhile, meet some of Joonas' FFP colleagues in this blog with Katriina, Miko and Aaro.

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