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Engaging with customers to support the transition – what we do in practice

What impact does a bank have on the transition to a more sustainable society? For us it’s about understanding the challenges and opportunities our customers face and supporting them on their sustainability journey. This we focus on all year long and now put extra focus on during the annual Sustainability Week for employees.

Nina Arkilahti, Head of Business Banking.

“We’re actively working together with our customers to drive the transition to a more sustainable future,“ explains Head of Business Banking Nina Arkilahti.

In practice, this means close dialogues about our customers’ transition plans and supporting with advice, solutions and tools. It also means collaborating across industries to team up with partners that can contribute to various parts of the sustainable transition value chain.

“A good example that our employees can learn more about during our Sustainability Week is our cooperation with Normative. Their carbon calculator helps businesses measure how much emissions they generate and can be used to identify emissions reduction opportunities,” she continues.

Martin Persson, Head of Large Corporates & Institutions.

Financing the real transition

Large Corporates & Institutions (LC&I) is also working to drive meaningful change by facilitating corporate clients’ transition towards a more sustainable and net-zero future. That includes companies in carbon-intensive industries.

“Our commitment to supporting the real transition is based on engaging with our clients according to their transition needs, while at the same time taking proactive steps to mitigate ESG-related risks,” says Martin Persson, Head of Large Corporates & Institutions.

To that end, LC&I is working closely with clients to understand their transition plans, and complements that engagement with a range of other initiatives, including a transition financing approach and deep-dive assessments of key sectors.

“To achieve real progress on the sustainability agenda, we must support and strengthen our clients in this period of change and enable them to reach new goals. These efforts with our largest clients will help us and the Nordic societies reach our emission-reduction targets,” Martin Persson concludes.

Supporting the transition

Every day, we move closer to reaching our sustainability targets.
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Sustainability targets

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