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Great turnout and take-aways from virtual event – last call to apply for FFP internship!

29-10-2020 09:00

Prior to the FFP application deadline (4th Nov.), students from all over Finland joined our virtual event to learn about our Future Finance Professional (FFP) programme. Get a re-cap from the event, and get tips & tricks to apply. Come join us!

This year, the application period for the Future Finance Professional (FFP) programme in Helsinki. was officially kicked off with a virtual “Meet Nordea Markets” event. Traditionally, this event is held physically but as a result of the COVID-19 situation, the event was a virtual happening – which attracted a large turnout and high engagement.

125 students participated online from all over Finland. It was a great opportunity for students to get to know the Markets organisation, and to ask about life at the trading floor, the application process, and all sorts of other related questions about the FFP programme and/or Nordea.

Roope Parmasuo interviewing Tuomo Lehtovaara at the Helsinki office while live-streaming to the 125 participants from all over Finland.

The event started with a live interview with Tuomo Lehtovaara, Country Lead of Nordea Markets in Finland, who introduced himself and his background and further discussed how COVID-19 has affected business in Markets. Following this presentation, Roope Parmasuo, who joined the FFP programme in 2019, interviewed two other former FFPs, Veera Valkeinen, who started as an FFP in 2018 and Jussi Virkajärvi who finished the internship this September.

Afterwards, the participants could enter different virtual meeting rooms. Front office had six team meeting rooms: Derivatives Sales, Nordea Research & Risk Solutions, Equity Sales, FX Sales, Scalable Sales & Concepts, and Investment Advisory. Middle office had four team meeting rooms: Risk Tools & Analytics, Credit Risk Control, Excess and Violations Control, and TFI Finance Development.

The three former FFP’s, Roope Parmasuo, Veera Valkeinen and Jussi Virkajärvi sharing their experiences and memories from the FFP programme – and suggesting why you should join us!

The different meeting rooms gave the participants an opportunity to discuss and ask questions to former FFPs and recruiting managers. The participants asked a lot of questions regarding the role as an FPP and for tips regarding the application process and interviews.

One of the most commonly asked question was whether prior knowledge and experience of certain tasks, is a requirement.

“Hopefully, we were able to assure the students that such knowledge is not necessary. What’s required is a keen interest in the financial markets, that’s important – and also something that should be evident in the application,” highlighted Pauliina Takala, who is involved in the FFP recruitment process.

From the participants’ perspective!

Other commonly asked questions in the team rooms included:

  • How would you describe working culture in Nordea and in your team?
  • What software do you use? Excel, Macrobond, Bloomberg, Eikon?
  • How has Covid-19 affected your work?
  • Do you meet clients in person or through other channels?
  • Do all FFPs start at the same time or is there flexibility?

Regarding the application – which this year has a deadline on 4th Nov. – Jussi Virkajärvi pointed out that if you have something unique to highlight, for example a background in sports or other activities, make sure to emphasize that in your application. But the best tip from all of the former FFP’s was to just be yourself!

After the event, participants highlighted their takeaways:

“The atmosphere was great even though it was a virtual event”

“My (high) expectations were met, and the team rooms were a great concept!”

“The event clarified my thoughts about the FFP programme”

“So much information! Really amazing to have the opportunity to discuss in person in the various team rooms”

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