“It’s a great place to work, I hope to come back” – meet Elias, ESG intern

28-02-2022 09:00

"In my experience, it’s a bank that truly cares about its employees, and values diversity and teamwork. It is a place where you can thrive," says Elias who attended a 11 weeks' internship with us in Equity Research. Read Elias' blog and learn about his tasks, the culture, opportunities, and what surprised him the most!

Elias Goodoree (20 years old): Studying Bachelor of Science – BS. Computer and Systems Sciences, and BS. Business Administration at Stockholm University.

By Elias Goodoree, intern at Nordea LC&I, Equity Research, ESG

When I first stepped in to the Nordea office in Stockholm in the summer of 2019, I was a bit intimidated by not fitting in. Not so much because I was pretty much just a kid at the time, but because of myths and films featuring tough stereotypes in the finance industry. But I quickly realised that the myths couldn´t be more wrong, as I got to know all the amazing people that work here at Nordea LC&I. That is also the reason why I returned in 2021, when I got the chance to do an 11 weeks’ internship in the Equity, ESG research team.

On my first day, I got assigned to the ESG research team which turned out to be a good decision. ESG is a growing area with massive asset allocation in the space, along with the development in policies. For me, it’s really interesting to follow.

Inclusive, diverse and open

What surprised me the most during my internship, was the culture in Nordea LC&I. It was very inclusive, diverse and open. People are kind and helpful, and it is easy to network with different teams. Whether you have a question about why the US 10 year is trailing lower, or which instrument a desk trades, or any other question, there is always someone willing to help and answer your questions.

As intern here, you get thrown into the water from day one, which is something I truly appreciate, as I like to take responsibility and learn new things. I also liked the fact, that as you work closely together with your colleagues, and also spend a lot of time with them, you really get to know each other. For instance when you occasionally work through the evening and have dinner together, or get invited to participate in some of the various social activities that some teams organise.

I also believe that mentorship is the key to creating a great working environment, and senior people here are truly nice and helpful – like everyone else.

As an intern here, it is for sure a “learn from the best” exchange – from day one. You get assigned to projects which have big impact to customers, to real life problems, always guided by your close colleagues.

Great dynamic and interesting tasks

Working in the ESG team as intern has been extremely interesting and exciting. There’s a great team dynamic. Every day starts around 7 am, where we compile a morning mail summarizing the most important news in the ESG space, combined with a morning meeting with equity research and sales discussing the latest developments concerning markets and equities at 7:30.

Moreover, I have been collecting datapoints for our ESG ratings, and also assisted the team with various projects or requests. There is always something to do because the pipeline is so big, so if you ask anyone if they need help with anything, you can be sure to get involved – and learn a lot, from the best.

Just apply – it’s a great place to work

Looking back at my time at Nordea LC&I, I can honestly say it’s a great place to work, and I hope to come back one day. That is also why I’d encourage students to apply for an internship or join the graduate programme at Nordea. In my experience, it’s a bank that truly cares about its employees, and values diversity and teamwork. It is a place where you can thrive, and are offered opportunities to learn new skills, and grow as an individual and professionally. Don’t hesitate, just apply!


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