02-06-2022 10:00

Nordea comments on fraud investigation in Norway

On Thursday 2 June 2022 Nordea has suspended two more employees in Norway. This is the second part of an ongoing investigation into loans being issued on false grounds. The persons have been arrested by the Norwegian police on suspicion of fraud in response to Nordea’s reporting to the police.
Oslo City in sunset light Norway

Nordea filed a formal report to the police earlier this year and has subsequently supported the police investigation actively. Altogether Nordea has investigated and suspended four Norwegian employees, who have now been arrested by the police as suspects in the case.

Nordea discovered the cases several months ago, and Nordea has since then monitored the employees in question and investigated the matter in close collaboration with Norwegian police.

Nordea as a company is not being investigated in this matter.

Nordea does not accept being used as platform for any kind of fraud, corruption or other financial crime. If there is any behaviour we consider unusual, we investigate it and, when warranted, report any suspicion to the authorities.

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