26-11-2021 10:01

Nordea does not accept recent views in Markets report

The views expressed in the Nordea Markets report published on 20 November 2021 about COVID-19 vaccinations do not represent the official Nordea position and are not in line with our code of conduct and values. The report in question has been removed from our website.

“It is clear that we have failed in this case, and we apologise for that. I want to ensure all our customers and stakeholders that Nordea will continue to publish credible analysis and research with high integrity and relevance,” says Martin Persson, Head of Large Corporates & Institutions at Nordea.

“As a bank, our expertise is banking – supporting and advising our customers on their financial situation. We leave medical advice to the experts and therefore, as a company, we follow the authorities’ guidance on vaccines against COVID-19.”

Nordea has initiated an internal review to clarify how the analysis was conducted and the process behind its publication.

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