26-01-2021 16:42

Nordea gets high score in Nordic diversity index

The newly published Nordic Business Diversity Index of the diversity of senior leadership in Nordic listed companies ranks Nordea third among Finnish companies and second at the financial industry level covering both Finland and Sweden.
CEO Frank Vang-Jensen

Gender balance at Nordea

The index shows that men are still the majority in the highest executive positions. In the large Nordic companies, the gender balance of the boards of directors is more or less the same across countries, with 25-36 per cent being women. When it comes to executive teams, the large Danish companies and small Finnish companies are clearly lagging behind. 

At Nordea the gender balance in the workforce is 51 per cent women and 49 per cent men, while it’s40 per cent women and 60 per cent men at leadership level. Nordea’s Board of Directors consists of 60 per cent men and 40 per cent women.


About the index

The sample in the study included all publicly listed companies with an executive team and board consisting of at least four people from Nasdaq Helsinki main list, and the Large Cap companies from Nasdaq Stockholm and Copenhagen. This year’s index covers only Finnish and Swedish listed companies as the information available on the Danish companies was too limited. Altogether 244 companies were included.

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