25-01-2021 08:00

Nordea in top 100 among the world’s most sustainable corporations

Nordea is again ranked as one of the top 100 most sustainable corporations in the world by Corporate Knights. The 2021 Global 100 ranking was announced today at a virtual CEO roundtable discussion.
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In the ranking, Nordea is considered the most sustainable bank in Scandinavia, and is number 86 in the overall ranking. To determine the ranking, Corporate Knights has analysed 8,080 companies against global industry peers on a suite of up to 24 quantitative key performance indicators, weighted to reflect each industry’s impact profile. The Global 100 companies represent the top 1% in the world on sustainability performance.

”We have elevated our ambition and last year our focus on sustainability was doubtless higher than ever. We are fully integrating sustainability into our business strategy to contribute in the needed transformation to a sustainable and low-carbon economy. To be acknowledged as one of the most sustainable companies in the world makes me very proud. Nordea is on the right path, however we will stay humble since we have a big task ahead over the coming decade,” says Anders Langworth, Head of Group Sustainable Finance.

This year’s ranking was based on several new performance indicators that reflect social concerns highlighted by both the pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement. They include paid sick leave, executive and board racial diversity, and clean investments (capital expenditures, R&D and acquisitions). On average, one-third of investments on the part of Global 100 companies are clean, in contrast to less than one-quarter for their peers.

Global 100 companies earn 41% of their revenues from products or services aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals, compared to just 8% for their peers.

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