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03-02-2021 15:33

Nordea Trade Finance voted Number 1 in Prospera survey

Trade Finance Prospera Award

Strong Nordic showing

As well as the first places in Norway and Sweden, Nordea Trade Finance also received high scores in Finland and Denmark. These results combined to move Nordea within 0.03 points of first place in the Nordics overall and 0.02 points within first place for Tier 1 companies in the Nordics.

In the Nordic survey, Nordea finished in first place in the client understanding, handling of errors, document handling and product expertise categories for all companies surveyed. Nordea was also first in the personal contacts and short turnaround time categories for Nordic Tier 1 companies.

Patrik concludes: “As the largest Trade Finance bank in the Nordics, we have the biggest universe to cater for in order to ensure we provide the best customer service. On a daily basis, we meet our customers in nearly all of the segments in the Nordic countries. It’s encouraging to see that we have been able to provide them with the service, advice and support they need. At Nordea, we are actively involved in all four Nordic countries  and we have the broad capacity to deliver value in such a complex and varied universe.”

Lena concludes: “We are now very close to reaching the top spot in the Nordics. In order to do so next year we need to stay focused and continue to keep making an impact where we see it is actually working. We have to keep up the good work and the path we are taking. Our digital journey will continue and we are working with our customers to support them with new digital tools and automated solutions that increase efficiency and support their businesses.”

You can read more about Prospera here: 

For more information on Nordea Trade Finance, write to Lena at lena.hedengran [at]