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08-02-2022 09:09

Nordea voted number 1 in the Nordics in Prospera’s Trade Finance customer survey

Nordea’s Trade Solutions team has moved into top spot in this year’s Prospera customer satisfaction survey for Trade Finance related services. Following a series of interviews with Nordic organisations conducted by the Prospera team, Nordea’s overall performance was ranked the highest.
Prospera TF

Great feedback

The results of the 2022 Prospera survey were based on feedback from 340 large organisations receiving trade finance services, including 149 of the largest tier 1 organisations measured in terms of trade finance activity.

In both the ‘All’ and ‘Tier 1’ segments, Nordea’s overall performance was ranked in first place according to survey respondents. This result continues an upward trend for Nordea from 3rd place in 2020, to 2nd place in 2021 to the coveted top spot in customer satisfaction in the Nordics for 2022 according to Prospera.

Erik Zingmark, Head of Transaction Banking at Nordea, says: “It really is fantastic to see Nordea receiving this great feedback from customers for our trade finance offering. We have worked hard to improve our services in general across the countries and its pleasing that Nordic organisations are responding to our efforts in this positive way. These Prospera survey results very much reflect our focus areas which have been about providing timely expertise, knowledge, support and advice both in sales and service. I want to thank the Trade Solutions team for their dedicated and consistent approach and of course our customers for their trust and for taking the time to respond to Prospera.”

These Prospera survey results very much reflect our focus areas which have been about providing timely expertise, knowledge, support and advice both in sales and service.

Erik Zingmark, Head of Transaction Banking at Nordea

High performance

Lena Hedengran, Acting Head of Trade Solutions at Nordea, says: “This survey relies on a weighted average of the responses we received from all four of our home countries. I am delighted that we have been given the recognition of being number one in the Nordics as the survey shows we have done well in the areas considered very important by our customers. In some of the most significant parameters of the survey we have actually made some really big leaps in our scoring.”

Nordea received first place rankings for performance in many of the categories shown as having the highest demand from Nordic organisations. These included first places in the ‘Trade Finance -specialist service and support’ category for ‘Document handling ability’, ‘Availability & service mindedness’, ‘Handling of errors & problems’, and ‘Personal contacts’ in the ‘All’ segment. In the ‘Sales function’ category, Nordea received first place in ‘Personal contacts’, ‘Explaining offers/services’, ‘Client understanding’ and ‘Strategic advice’.

Lena adds: “Its key that we understand our customer's business and we are able to advise them on what is specifically needed for their organisation and industry. Our support and sales teams have been working together and have done extremely well in getting closer to our customers. We have the largest number of customers in the Prospera universe and we have been able to improve the service and our sales processes towards a large majority of them. These results are not something which have come easily or suddenly. They are based on a continuous improvement in our proactiveness, our services mindset and in knowing our customers over many years.”

Nordic strength

Nordea’s Nordic first place is based on a solid showing in the Prospera country customer surveys for the bank’s four home markets. Denmark and Finland saw a strong increase in performance with Norway and Sweden maintaining high scores following standout results in 2021.

Lena concludes: ”Denmark and Finland have done tremendously well and we can see that the customer feedback has really improved in these countries. Norway has remained at a very high level and is now really close to first place. Sweden didn’t quite manage to come out on top this time around but had an exceptional year in 2021 and results remain impressive. Overall, I am extremely proud of the Nordic result. This is a team effort and everyone from the Trade Solutions team as well as our colleagues in the Nordea value chain have contributed to help us reach number one!”

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