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14-07-2021 09:29

Podcast: Creating a global platform for corporate sustainability

Worldfavor’s innovative platform for sustainability reporting gives companies around the globe access to valuable data on the ESG performance of their suppliers, partners and peers across the value chain. By making sustainability information easily accessible and comparable, Worldfavor helps companies make sustainable business decisions and understand the impact of their choices.
Podcast: Creating a global platform for corporate sustainability

In this Open Insights podcast, Frida Emilsson, co-founder of WorldFavor, discusses the company’s evolution from an initial idea amongst friends into a leading global platform for sustainability reporting.

She explains how over 20,000 organisations are now using the platform to access and share sustainability data and how digitalisation is critical to help drive the transition to a sustainable future.

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Worldfavor – Creating a global platform for corporate sustainability

The Nordics are a hub of trade, innovation, early digital transformation and sustainability. In this podcast, Open Insights, we talk to leading business figures in the Nordics to explore how they are making an impact in this dynamic region.