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10-06-2021 09:29

Podcast: Turning trash into treasure with Carrot

Startup Carrot is on a mission to revolutionise the waste bin and change how we as a society handle garbage.
Turning trash into treasure with Carrot

Operating your business in a sustainable way is quickly going from being a value-adding element to a necessity.

In this Open Insights podcast, we meet Tore Totland, co-founder of startup Carrot, previously known as WasteIQ, and hear how the company is using technology to turn rubbish into resources and enable a circular economy. Carrot delivers solutions for renovation companies, shopping centres and housing associations that want to handle their waste in a sustainable and profitable way.

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Turning trash into treasure with Carrot

The Nordics are a hub of trade, innovation, early digital transformation and sustainability. In this podcast, Open Insights, we talk to leading business figures in the Nordics to explore how they are making an impact in this dynamic region.