12-12-2023 09:20

Radiohjälpen raises millions with Nordea's API solution

The Nordea premium API Instant Reporting makes it possible for the charity foundation Radiohjälpen to provide a fast and real-time overview of the fundraisings at their live charity events.
The “Världens Barn” (Children of the World) gala, showing the amount of money raised that evening.
Kristina Henschen, Secretary General, Radiohjälpen, at Nordea presenting our collaboration.

The Swedish charity foundation Radiohjälpen, organises several yearly live events where people are encouraged to donate money via Swish (Swedish real time payments). But how to know the actual sum? Adding all those small donations together, was before a manual task, done by charity workers. A process that involved lots of manual paper work, administration and delays in reporting. 

The Radiohjälpen treasury unit was looking to make this process more efficient and reached out to their team at Nordea – that were able to help them with the new API technology, through our Premium API Instant Reporting. The real-time API integration makes it possible to monitor the collections live, down to each minute, every hour, day and night – with the amount increasing right before the eyes of the audiences at Radiohjälpen's yearly live broadcasted events Världens Barn and Musikhjälpen

 It's truly amazing to see how our product enables a greater good in this very concrete way.

Sanela Dulic, Head of Open Banking.

Kristina Henschen, Secretary General, Radiohjälpen, describes how Nordea's Open Banking solution has facilitated their work. 
"This is extremely valuable as we are only eight people working at Radiohjälpen. This tool has improved our ability to save lives in the world", says Kristina Henschen.

Sanela Dulic, Head of Open Banking.

"Extra proud"

Sanela Dulic, Head of Open Banking:

“We are so pleased to see how well Instant Reporting supports the purpose of Radiohjälpen and it is truly amazing to see how our product enables a greater good in this very concrete way. For me personally the work of Radiohjälpen is very close to my heart, because 30 years ago I was a refugee myself, fleeing from war and I was in need of the help that Radiohjälpen provides. That is why I am extra proud that our product helps Radiohjälpen to improve the lives of children around the world.'', says Sanela Dulic, Head of Open Banking.

At the live broadcasted charity event “Världens Barn” (Children of the World) Radiohjälpen managed to collect more than 70 million SEK during a couple of hours. They were fetching the account information via Instant Reporting and the collected amount could be displayed live on a big screen above the stage. 

Raised money since 1939

Radiohjälpen, can be translated to "the Radio Aid Foundation"  it's the Swedish Public Service Broadcasting Aid Foundation.

Radiohjälpen is a fundraising foundation that collaborates closely with the Swedish public service companies to coordinate fundraising activities for humanitarian purposes. It has existed since 1939 and the fundraising campaigns have various focus areas, often focusing on children with the purpose to strengthen and uphold human rights, save lives and alleviate suffering. Funds donated to Radiohjälpen for international projects are allocated to different projects around the globe.

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