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SE #1: Say hi to our new interns in Stockholm

13-07-2021 09:00

Challenging yet rewarding. A perfect opportunity. Learn from senior professionals. Hands-on experience. That’s some of the things our new summer interns in Sweden mention in their first blog. Tag along and get to know more about their backgrounds, expectations and work so far, during their first two weeks with us.

Before digging into what the talented summer interns in Stockholm have been up to the last two weeks at the trading floor, we’re pleased to introduce you Mikaela, Sara and Midia.

Mikaela Jansson (24)

I study Industrial Engineering and Management at KTH. After summer I’ll begin my master with a technical specialization in Machine Learning.

I applied to the internship as it seemed like a great opportunity to explore and learn more about Markets’ various areas and financial products. Rotating between different desks throughout the summer will hopefully give me great experience for the future as well as an opportunity to connect with several people at Nordea.

I expect these weeks to be challenging, yet rewarding! I especially expect to gain both insight and hands-on experience from the daily work at Markets and therefore I hope I will find what area in finance I am most passionate about.

What I do in my spare time when I’m not at Nordea? I really like sports! In the winter, I usually go cross-country skiing, and now in the summer I love to run and play soccer. This summer, I also hope to take a lot of after works (drinks) with my friends and just enjoy the long summer nights.

Sara Persson (22)

I study my third year of the Business and Economics bachelor at Uppsala University and will graduate in January 2022.

I applied to the internship because I have previous experience from working with financial products and was curious about what it is like to work at Nordea Markets. Hence, I see this internship as the perfect opportunity to learn more about financial products and the different roles at market.

My expectation is that these weeks will be packed with new information, that I will learn many new things and enhance my knowledge of financial products. I hope that this internship will give me an indication of which area within markets I find the most interesting and would like to work with in the future.

In my spare time I like to travel, work out and read interesting books.

Midia Keshto (25)

I just finished my bachelor’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Gothenburg.

I applied for this internship as it offered an opportunity for me to explore my interest in finance through rotating between multiple divisions at Nordea Markets. Also it allows me to apply my technical skills at interesting and challenging tasks.

I except to gain deeper knowledge into how the markets work and what areas and roles I personally might find the most intriguing. I hope to achieve this trough getting broad exposure to different areas and by interacting and learning from senior professionals.

What I like doing when I’m not at Nordea? I love traveling but due to the current corona circumstances, I have not been able to travel as much, so I have had to fill my extra time with more movies, books, and quality time with friends and family.

Now, let's hear what the first weeks have been like 

By Mikaela, Sara and Midia – telling about their first two weeks as interns

Midia: During my first and second week at Nordea Markets, I have been introduced to different areas of the trading floor and the rest of the Markets departments. My time has been divided between learning sessions and practical assignments that deepen my knowledge about the logic behind the numbers on the screens. I have had to pick up on a lot of new terminology and learned how to construct yield curves, calculate forward rates, and much more.

I have also learned which factors come into play when pricing, and I recently started constructing a dataset for a future project. My first two weeks have been packed with interesting knowledge and opportunities to learn more about areas I am interested in. Hopefully, this will continue during the rest of the internship!

Sara & Mikaela: We began our fist week at the Derivatives desk where we learned about different types of swaps and the relationship between the swap rate and STIBOR. This landed in many interesting discussions about the interest rates in Sweden and pros and cons in binding loans for a longer period. At one point, we also sat down next to a senior while doing a swap deal which gave us insights in how the system and pricing of swaps works.

This week, we have moved on to Macro Research where we have discussed the current macro situation in Sweden and the world. Our case this week is about the income growth in 2020 and how it has been affected by the pandemic and how income growth is related to inflation. Further, we have also helped out with the morning brief, which is a summary of the past events in the economy worldwide and the current macro data.

We are currently in our second week of the internship, and so far it has been great! We look very much forward to the next weeks here :-).

Look out for their next blog. Meanwhile, you could surf around for insight and inspiration to the life as summer interns with us by reading some of the many blogs from other summer interns joining us in Sweden, Norway and Finland – just click.

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