30-10-2019 09:00

Smarter and easier payment solutions with Yonoton

The Finnish technology company Yonoton specialises in providing mobile solutions to improve the digital ordering and buying process for both consumers and businesses. At MS Louisiana restaurant in Helsinki, Teemu Karenius, Founder and CEO of Yonoton, met Juha Risikko, Head of Mobile & Emerging Payments at Nordea, to discuss Yonoton's partnership with Nordea and how Yonoton's versatile platform is simplifying and streamlining the customer experience.

Close collaboration

Teemu Karenius says: “Our cooperation with Nordea started in 2016 once Yonoton was set up. Since that day our cooperation has gone from a customer to company kind of relationship into more of a business relationship. We do a lot of stuff together these days.”

Via a smart mobile application, Yonoton’s innovative offering allows users to buy tickets before they attend an event or restaurant, pre-order food and drinks that can even be served to a specific table and keep users informed about events and current activities. They can also save time and money by making smarter purchases and collect loyalty points in the application. Companies such as restaurants are able to receive improved data on their customer’s requirements and are able to run their businesses in a smarter way.

Paying the way they like

Juha Risikko: “What we are seeing in the payment space at Nordea is that we have been enabling different kinds of devices to become payment sources. We have enabled smart watches and mobile phones. Person to person payment services have become real time and really easy to use. I believe the next step will be to optimise the user experience even further.”


Teemu Karenius concludes: “I think payments and paying or ordering products should be easy and fun. The way we are working with Nordea at the moment is enabling for example customers to be able to split their bills or putting the mobile phone payment system into smart bracelets. Our marketing and sales cooperation has been really fruitful together and we’d like to continue that.”