02-06-2021 14:25

Welcome – new nordea.com is for you

Nordea.com has had a makeover and is now featuring a new design and content to meet your needs. We’ve created this corporate website for all of you: customers, owners – no matter how many shares you hold – media, employees – current and future – and people who are curious about our expert areas ... Just about anyone who is interested in the financial world in general or Nordea in particular.

As a bank we're engaged in the societies we are part of. That's why we are committed to keeping you updated on this website, where you’ll be able to get economic insights and financial updates, download reports and financial results, listen to podcasts with your favourite Nordea expert and much more. We want to share all our knowledge so that you can learn more about how to improve your own finances and make better decisions for you, your business or your investments.

Maybe you want to know how our investment funds qualify as sustainable – and how our approach aligns with your own ambitions for your savings. Or perhaps you work in a large corporation and are seeking new digital tools for your export or trade finance needs. On the website, you’ll find plenty of resources – and ways to contact us to find out more.

We’ve packed all of this into the new Nordea.com.

We will bring you new features and great stories on this website. But if you feel that something is missing or not covered adequately to meet your needs, please get in touch – we read all the comments sent to us.

And with that, all that is left to say is: welcome!

Best regards from all of us at Nordea

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