Anders Sand (Chief Sales Manager in Markets FX Sales Sweden), together with Emma, Kerstin and Felix at the trading floor in Stockholm.

"We’re so grateful for our time as interns in Markets, we hope to be back” – read all about it in their final blog

25-08-2023 14:59

(SE #3) It is sad to be writing our last blog post about our summer internship at Nordea Markets in Stockholm. It has just been a truly amazing experience and we are all very grateful for this opportunity. Before we say goodbye – and hoping we will return to Nordea one day - we'll wrap-up and recap the last two weeks of our internship.

By Emma Bentzer, Felix Cao & Kerstin Nyström

Securities advisory

In our second last week, we got challenged with a totally different case, as in quite the opposite scenario – compared to last week’s case at Fixed Income trading. Instead of managing the risk of a (bond) portfolio and having a time horizon of a week, we now had to completely switch mindset, having to build an equity and bond portfolio with a time horizon of 10 years. Challenging but very educational.

The Securities Advisory desk mainly deals with advising and managing Private Banking and smaller companies’ equity and bond portfolios, and it is how Private Banking clients access the services provided by Nordea Markets.

During the week, we also had the opportunity to meet senior analyst, Martin Björsell who’s a strategist for the equity portfolios, and learn how they build and manage their equity portfolios.

Furthermore, we were introduced to the Investment products trading-team (IPT), which specialises in trading different exchange traded products. It was really interesting to hear how they manage the risk and trade a product that many can and have used in their private portfolios. The last sit-down of the week was with LC&I commercial services, which gave us some insight in how the organisation surround for example Investment Banking, Equities and Markets operate.

Risk Solutions

As we reached our final week, we were lucky enough to spend it with the Risk Solutions team. The week kicked-off with an introduction of the team and their responsibilities, followed by a presentation of the case we were to solve the following week. 

This time we were asked to examine two companies and assess their respective market risks in both their balance sheets and in their income statements of the companies, and also suggest adequate risk management strategies. This task was (also) a bit challenging, but at the same time very stimulating, since we could use the knowledge and lessons learned during summer, and implement all our gathered learnings. A perfect case for the final week.

In-between the hours spent on solving the case, we also got the opportunity to enjoy several lunches with the team and have informal talks and get to know each other better.

As ‘usual’, the week ended with our presentation of the case – and it went fine. After the presentation, our internship was wrapped up with an ‘After Work’ together with several people working within Nordea Markets. It was a very nice evening, and highly appreciated.

Thank you Risk Solutions for a challenging, yet very fun last week. We both learned a lot and also made new friends and contacts.

Now, summer has come to an end – and so has our internship at Nordea Markets. First of all, we would like to thank each team, and every single one we have met for the warm welcome, and for sharing your knowledge, taking your time with us, coaching and supporting us throughout the internship.

To sum up, our summer as interns has been challenging and very exciting. We are so grateful for this opportunity, and we know that these experiences have provided us with loads of valuable expertise that can bring value throughout our careers.

We hope to be back! Goodbye for now,

Emma, Felix and Kerstin

Erik Lindblad, Head of Markets Sweden, expresses a warm send-off to the three summer interns:

“I am confident that I speak on behalf of the whole Swedish Markets organisation, when I express my gratitude for your hard work and enthusiasm you have shown during the past eight weeks as interns with us. The three of you, definitely have your own individual qualities, strengths and personas. But you all share the same positive and enthusiastic attitude, combined with excellent collaboration skills.  

Over the years, our Summer Internship program has not only proven to be an important way for Markets to meet new talents but also as a great way to share awareness of the Markets business among students. Once again, thank you for your efforts, It has truly been a pleasure.”  

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