Women’s Finance Insight Programme: “Very inspiring – Impressive D&I commitment”

07-03-2023 12:09

(WFIP #2) As a warmup to International Women's Day, it’s a joy to direct the spotlight on our Women’s Finance Insight Programme (WFIP) with the 2nd blog in a series featuring some of the participants. Tune in and learn about their expectations and motivation to join the programme, and what they’ve experienced and learned so far.

Following the first WFIP 2023 blog by Pernille (DK) and Minna (NO), we’re pleased to introduce you to Emelie and Iida.   

Emelie Olsson (21), Sweden

Emelie is second year student at Stockholm School of Economics (SSE).

Why did you apply to the programme?

I want to pursue a career in finance and saw this programme as a good opportunity to gain insight into what the different divisions in a large banking institution entail. Hopefully, I get to know which internships will be a good match for me. 

What are your expectations?

Apart from learning more about banking outside the classroom, I also look forward to networking with the other participants and employees at Nordea. 

How was the first session - what were your takeaways?

The first session was very inspiring. We got to meet representatives from each department and gained valuable insight into the different internship opportunities. I found it especially interesting to get to know the representatives on a more personal level and learn about their backgrounds and responsibilities within Nordea. 

Did anything surprise you during the session?

I was positively surprised about all the women in management positions at Nordea. Other banking institutions often promote the importance of equality in finance, but the lack of representation in their organization makes it discouraging. The female representation here really shows that Nordea values women, and it makes me excited to potentially pursue a career at Nordea. 

The female representation here really shows that Nordea values women.

What was the best thing(s) about the first meeting?

It was a pleasure to get to network with the participants in the programme and the Nordea employees under a more informal setting.

Iida Koponen (20), Finland

Iida is second-year student from Aalto University School of Business, doing a major in accounting, with minor subject being finance.

Why did you apply to WFIP?

I have been interested in the field of investment banking, but I have lacked a deep understanding of everything it consists of. When I found this programme, I saw a great opportunity to learn more about the industry from its professionals.

What are your expectations?

In addition to learning more about the different operations of investment banking, I’m keen to learn about Nordea as a company, and what a typical workday looks like in the different positions within the industry. Additionally, I hope to gain practical experience through case studies and real-world examples.

How was the first session - what were your takeaways?

During our first session, employees from various positions introduced us to Nordea IB&E and to the Diversity & Inclusion team. We then had our first session with a more specific topic which was Corporate Finance. Getting to know what Corporate Finance and ECM include, and going through investment banking’s role in the acquisitions in practice, was vastly interesting.

Did anything surprise you during the session?
I was impressed by how much Nordea invests in diversity and inclusion (D&I). Nordea has its own team dedicated to D&I. During the Corporate Finance session, I learned about the extent to which M&A (mergers & acquisitions) processes are required. It was interesting to learn about the cooperation that M&A projects need between the investment bank's different teams and various consulting firms.

I was impressed by how much Nordea invests in diversity and inclusion (D&I)

What was the best thing(s) about the first meeting?

Getting to know more about investment banking structure and deepening my knowledge of Corporate Finance have increased my interest in investment banking and the knowledge will certainly help in the future application processes. In addition, it has been very delightful to get to know other participants. It has been amazing that the programme has such inspiring people from diverse backgrounds.

Celebrating International Women's Day 2023, we’re happy to introduce you to one of our cool female traders, Bettina Roness Berg, who tells about her work life as trader in our Markets division, and among others, shares her thoughts, wondering why there aren’t more female traders in the industry! Read Bettina’s blog, and you’ll probably also find the lack of female traders a bit odd! 

And of course, stay tuned for more WFIP blogs during spring. 

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