Onboarding & implementation

Cash management implementation strength

Implementation is a seamless process with Nordea

An implementation of a cash management solution can be a large and complex task and it requires highly committed resources and well-structured processes. Nordea boasts extensive expertise in cash management and our experts pride themselves on working closely with you to provide the optimal and most straightforward implementation process. 

As soon as you reach an agreement to choose Nordea’s Cash Management offering, the implementation planning and timeline is agreed and a dedicated team is established. Nordea is committed to allocate the right resources to ensure a successful implementation for every customer that is in complete compliance with their expectations.

Our customer-focused set-up

To support the process and to ensure customer satisfaction when a new cash management setup is implemented, Nordea has established a Cash Management Implementation Project Concept and a Cash Management Implementation Project Team. The team consist of three different roles – Global Implementation Manager, Global Implementation Administrator and Global Technical Adviser. For you, our customers, it means you will work closely with a team of specialists with specific knowledge and experience of your requirements that are dedicated to securing a structured process and high quality solution.


Key elements determine the right solution for you:

  • The unique characteristics of your business model and current cash management system 

  • Specific requirements dictated by the industry/industries you operate in need to be considered 

  • The scale of your operation, in both financial and regional terms

A straightforward, clear and proven process

Nordea will then create an implementation description outlining the project scope, the timeline, roles and responsibilities on both our side and for our customer. The project team details an activity plan to ensure everything is taken care of and is in line with the customer’s needs. Along the implementation process all meetings are documented and parties constantly informed about status and the outstanding tasks.

Before handover, Nordea ensures all the relevant parties on the customer’s side are fully trained. When this is complete and the customer agrees that the implemented CM solution is in accordance to project scope and expectations, the Implementation Team will ensure a proper handover to Nordea’s dedicated customer team who will undertake the day to day customer support.

After four weeks, the support team will contact the customer to ensure that the cash management set-up meets expectations and that no further training is required. 

If you would like to find out more, contact your local Nordea Adviser.