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A partnership that delivers great customer experiences

Developing a strong partnership and cooperation with ERP and TMS vendors, as well as other companies offering third party services is a key priority for Nordea. By building close relationships with vendors, we can deliver great customer experiences meaning a win-win-win situation for customers, vendors and Nordea.

This resource page is designed to provide ERP vendors and IT staff with the tools necessary to support the implementation and use of Nordea solutions, including Corporate Access our single point-of-entry solution covering File Transfer and Payables for out-going payments in XML format. 

Below you will find information such as implementation guides, examples files and wrappers and a test tool. 

Reliable support and strong communication

If you need personal support or have any questions, please contact our support teams. Regarding local solutions, please contact our local support teams. For queries regarding Corporate Access, email us at moc.aedron@troppuspre.


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Technical implementation of Corporate Access

This resource area is designed to provide ERP vendors and IT staff with the necessary information and tools to support the implementation and use of Corporate Access. Corporate Access is a single point-of-entry solution covering File Transfer and Payables for out-going payments in XML format. It provides a uniform file interface covering all relevant types of domestic and cross-border transfers. Below you will find information such as implementation guides, examples files and Secure Envelope and a test tool.

Important notification – latest news 

Nordea is pleased to announce that updated Message Implementation Guides (MIG) for Corporate Access Account Reporting services Account Statement Standard (camt.053.001.02, version 1.1), covering all Nordic countries, i.e. Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden together with information about used ISO20022 Bank Transaction Codes (i.e. “Appendix 1”), are now available.

Simultaneously, the MIG for Corporate Access Account Reporting service Credit Notification (camt.054.001.02 version 1.1), including Denmark, Norway and Sweden (Finland will follow), is now also available.

For both the above Messages, appropriate “Change documents” explaining changes since previous published Message Implementation Guides can be found.

Nordea expects to launch the services Account Statement Standard (camt.053.001.02) covering the Nordic countries and Credit Notification (camt.054.001.02) for Norway and Sweden (Denmark and Finland will follow) from Corporate Access Account Reporting during Q1 2019. Exact dates will be informed by Nordea when available.

These upgrades may require changes or adjustments in ERP systems. Please see the “Change documents” below in the sub-tab "Format and Implementation."

Vendor Readiness

When you as a vendor have tested and implemented integration from your system to Nordea’s Corporate Access we encourage all vendors to fill in the form below, so customers can see that your system is ready for SEPA End Date and Corporate Access. 

The information will be published on Nordea’s Solution site for Corporate Access on a regular basis. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our support teammoc.aedron@troppuspre

Click here to see the list of systems/vendors who have implemented Corporate Access

Corporate Access and ERP Vendor Readiness Form


Certificate Download

Corporate Access identifies customers with a certificate which companies can retrieve from the bank with their bank connection software. The software will send a request for a certificate, to which it attaches the name, Signer ID and country code of the customer stated in the agreement. The request is secured with an activation code received via an SMS message delivered to the mobile phone number of the administrator specified in the agreement. 

If your bank connection software does not have a feature for downloading the certificate, you can also download the Nordea Security Client (NSC) below. Once downloaded you can start the client and fill in and send a certificate request with the above-mentioned data. When you receive the certificate, you have to create a password to protect it if you want to export it directly for the use of the bank connection software, otherwise it will be stored locally on the windows certificate store.

  1. Download of Nordea Security Client
  2. Nordea Security Client - User Guide (pdf, 763 KB)
  3. How to export a certificate to a PSKC #12 file (pdf, 660 KB)
SEPA Direct Debit

Technical implementation of SEPA Direct Debit Service

This resource area is designed to provide ERP vendors and IT staff with the necessary information and tools to support the implementation and use of SEPA Direct Debit Service.  

Below you will find information such as service description, implementation guide and test tool. 



If you did not have the chance to attend our webinars, you can view the recordings and material here:

PSD2 Access to Accounts - 29 November 2017
The webinar talks about the background and purpose of PSD2, implementation dates, regulatory technical specification for strong customer authentication, Access to Accounts and Nordea’s Open Banking Initiative.

Nordea’s XML MIGs for Corporate Access — 31 May 2016

NB! This webinar focuses on pain.001, pain.002 and camt.054D. Since the recording, we have made a few updates and implemented MIGs for camt.029 and camt.055 and we also advise you to visit “Format and Implementation” under the Corporate Access tab. You are also welcome to approach ERP Supportmoc.aedron@troppuspre, if you have any questions. 

Nordea’s Secure Envelope for Corporate Access — 1 June 2016



During the autumn 2016 Nordea arranged a series of seminars for ERP and TMS vendors in the Nordic region. The seminars took place in each of the Nordic capitals to update on ongoing initiatives for vendors in all four countries. A secondary objective was also to enable vendors to prepare and plan for upcoming new services and solutions offered by Nordea. By sharing information about upcoming deployments, the expectation is that our joint customers can benefit from faster access to new and better solutions provided by banks and ERP/TMS vendors.  

We will continue to communicate about these initiatives in future newsletters, so we advise all vendors to subscribe to these (link is on the right). The newsletters also carry information about future seminars and other events. We look forward to continued co-operation with third parties and developers to deliver the most innovative products on the market!

Below is a short summary from each session and links to the material.

Innovation initiatives in Nordea:

One of Nordea’s key values is to be relevant for our customers, and in a fast changing market it is important to constantly explore new opportunities so we can perceived as an innovative bank who offers innovative solutions. Technology is definitely a driver, and Nordea has established our own Innovation Lab, arranges accelerator programs for Start-ups and facilitates round-table sessions with FinTechs - just to mention a few of the initiatives we have launched the last year’s time. Nordea is also trying to innovate across business areas in order to enhance internal idea production and most importantly, to improve our innovation culture and way of working

Download the presentation (pdf, 2 MB)

Watch a short and inspiring video from Nordea’s Innovation Week (Vimeo)

Open Banking:

The revised EU payment services directive, PSD2, will be transposed into national laws on January 2018. The main objectives of PSD2 are to protect consumers, make payments safer and more secure, and contribute to a more integrated and efficient European payments market.   PSD2, together with new technology and changing customer behaviour, will change the payment ecosystem, create competition and boost innovation. 

Nordea has started its journey in terms of Open Banking.  We are developing an Open Banking platform, a new channel utilising API technology.   APIs will enable us to combine FinTech and other third-party offerings with the Nordea universal banking offering. We are not only focusing on the mandatory Access-to-Accounts services but will deliver more innovative solutions to our customers through our and third-party digital channels.

Click here to download the presentation (pdf, 2 MB)

Nordea Digital Corporate:

Nordea is developing a new Netbank for Corporate customers. This new Netbank will replace the current local Netbanks for Corporates in the four Nordic countries, e.g. Netbank Erhverv, Netbank Bedrift, Internetbanken Foretag and Classic Netbank. In the new Netbank Nordea should be able to advice customers about future events etc. and integration with the customers ERP systems is a vital part – both payment files initiated from the ERP, account statements sent from the bank to the ERP, and A/P and A/R data etc. sent from the ERP to the bank. 

The new Netbank will be launched during 2017 country by country – starting with Sweden.

Corporate Access:

During 2016 we have launched Corporate Access Payables in Denmark, Norway and Sweden, and so far we have focused on implementing customers who should become SEPA compliant. Next year we will also start dialogues with other customers (regardless of EUR payments or not) to move them from old local solutions to Corporate Access. In 2017 Finland will be launched to the payables solution, and XML Account Reporting is currently being developed and will also be launched stepwise during 2017.

Click here to download the presentation (pdf, 1 MB)