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Service overview

These documents provide detailed information about the technical descriptions of Corporate Access services:

Corporate Access File Transfer

Corporate Access File Transfer provides a broad selection of communication methods to support your need for automated transmission of files, offering integration with the following channels:

Corporate Access Payables

This document provides an in-depth understanding of how Corporate Access Payables may be set-up and which possibilities the service may offer companies for integrating its account payables:

See each country-specific appendix for a comprehensive guide on how payments are processed and used:

Corporate Access Account Reporting

This document establishes a common understanding of how the credit notification Message and incoming payments are handled in Corporate Access:

Format and Implementation

Corporate Access
File Transfer

Secure Envelope specification (pdf, 884 KB) (Description of file interface format and Secure Envelope with instructions on how to complete all fields and elements)1.4
Certificate Management (pdf, 78 KB)1.0
Nordea’s public key with issuer certificate (zip, 1 KB) (Used for digital signing of the Secure Envelope of files returned from Nordea)
Valid from 9 October 2018 to 18 September 2020
Corporate Access PayablesVersionComments
Message Implementation Guide (MIG) CAP pain.001.001.03 CustomerCredit (pdf, 562 KB)
1.8Changes since 1.7 (pdf, 103 KB)
Message Implementation Guide (MIG) CAP pain.002.001.03 CustomerPayment (pdf, 293 KB)
1.5Changes since 1.4 (pdf, 97 KB)
Message Implementation Guide (MIG) CAP camt.054.001.02 BankToCustomer (pdf, 440 KB)
1.5Changes since 1.4 (pdf, 108 KB)

Message Implementation Guide (MIG) CAP camt.055.001.01 Customer Payment (pdf, 555 KB)
Cancellation Request

Message Implementation Guide (MIG) CAP camt.029.001.03 (pdf, 565 KB)
Resolution of Investigation 

Corporate Access
Account Reporting


Message Implementation Guide (MIG) CAAR camt.054.001.02 (pdf, 457 KB)
Credit Notification

1.3Changes since 1.2 (pdf, 105 KB)

Message Implementation Guide (MIG) CAAR camt.053.001.02 (pdf, 411 KB)

Account Statement (Standard)

1.3Changes since 1.2 (pdf, 116 KB)

Message Implementation Guide (MIG) CAAR camt.053.001.02 (pdf, 631 KB)

Account Statement (Extended)

1.1Changes since 1.0 (pdf, 128 KB)

Appendix 1 Bank Transaction Codes - camt.053 standard (pdf, 182 KB)

1.1Changes since 1.0 (pdf, 240 KB)
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