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Corporate Netbank

Flexible and secure corporate banking 

Corporate Netbank is Nordea’s online banking channel for Cash Management, and additional international and local services such as e-Custody and e-Market.  Corporate Netbank gives you full control over your banking services through one secure and reliable portal. It provides easy access - including mobile access - to essential banking services so you can handle domestic and international Nordea accounts and payments whenever and wherever you want. A fully comprehensive and up-to-date overview of your total cash flows and liquidity is at your fingertips. 

The services provided by Corporate Netbank include international and domestic accounts, payments, file transfers, e-Markets and e-Custody. It also provides for various country specific integrated services and is available in all four Nordic languages and English. Corporate Netbank also has user-friendly functionality so you can personalise the interface to best suit your needs.

Core benefits of Corporate Netbank

  • Access and control your banking services through one secure and reliable portal

  • Get real-time account information and transactions for a comprehensive overview of cash flows and liquidity

  • Possibility to personalise settings, such as the payment process, so your daily work is easier and faster

  • Control your payments and gain easy access to all your accounts abroad by using SWIFT’s Request for Transfer service

  • Convenient uploading of payment files and retrieval of incoming reference payments

  • Simple and flexible user administration tool for administration of each users' account access and account rights. High level of security to authenticate users

  • One channel to a number of Nordea e-services, such as Cash Management, e-Custody, Dashboard and e-Markets.