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Supports a centralised payment and collection factory 

Corporate eGateway is Nordea’s file-based, mass payment service with one point of entry for bulk payments and collections in the Nordic countries, UK, Canada and the US. 

The service provides a uniform file interface that covers all relevant types of domestic and cross-border payments, including direct debits in the Nordic area. In Sweden, the service makes it possible to handle both PlusGiro and Bankgiro payments in one file. 

Centralised and flexible payment processing 

Centralisation of the payment infrastructure limits the maintenance of system interface to one-point-of entry and one format. The need to adapt to local changes is reduced, and external and internal changes of the IT infrastructure can be made without interfering with one another. 

It is possible to mix payment instructions to all countries in the same file. Both outgoing and incoming payments are handled in a way that facilitates straight-through-processing and automatic reconciliation for both the payer and the payee. 

Information on eGateway services for account statements, authorisation, credit advice, debit advice, direct debit, payments and status reports.

How eGateway can benefit your organisation

  • One system interface, one banking partner, one agreement and one support function
  • Possibility to build a Shared Service Centre for payments
  • Automated reconciliation processes
  • Reduced operating and transactional costs
  • The same syntax for all countries and reduced need to adapt to local changes
  • Limited maintenance of system interface
  • External and internal IT changes can be made independently

eGateway technical details

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