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These are some of the additional risks you need to know about and to manage: 

  • Customer risk or commercial risk is not only the risk that buyers are not financially able to pay as agreed but can also include their will to pay as agreed.  
  • Country risk or political risk includes for instance the risk of war, civil riots, acts of God and changes in trade regulations etc. 
  • Foreign exchange risk arises when you invoice in a currency in which you do not have payments and are consequently forced to sell the incoming currency at the time of payment. 
  • Other risks could be for instance the transportation of the goods and/or interest rate fluctuations. 

Get the optimal benefit of your international trade transactions. Using collections or documentary credits for the payment opens a range of new possibilities for you and the buyer to arrange and handle the financing in an efficient and secure way. 

The same applies if you offer your buyer a guarantee such as an advance payment guarantee.


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