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Trade Finance Global

Your trade platform

Whether you are involved in importing or exporting Trade Finance Global can handle documentary collections, documentary credits, guarantees and standby L/Cs online. It supports all trade finance instruments, as well as full self-service reporting for traceability at an aggregated and individual transaction level.

Single, user-friendly solution

In the increasingly fast-changing world of trade finance, you need access to a simple, all-encompassing system with a global reach – anywhere, anytime. Nordea’s Trade Finance Global is a secure and efficient system that takes care of all your trade finance needs – from fast and accurate transaction handling to full reporting, statistics and communication.

Trade Finance Global offers a secure, user-friendly, single point of entry for all your trade finance needs, globally.


Trade Finance Global gives you

  • Access to all your trade finance information, anywhere, anytime.
  • A complete overview of all your trade finance transactions – globally. Nordea’s trade finance units can be reached from one single point of entry, while Trade Finance Global covers all trade finance products and provides overall corporate visibility.
  • Flexible and secure processing with all communication through Trade Finance Global secured and encrypted. You also decide which authorisations are given to whom across your company.
  • Efficiency in terms of time and money as automated processing supports fast, accurate transaction handling, so you can allocate resources more effectively.


For more information or how we can support your business, please contact your local Nordea Trade Finance Adviser.

You can watch the training videos in the below tabs for a quick update on what is on offer in Trade Finance Global, or read the user guide for a full overview of the service. The quick guides describes what is new in Trade Finance Global, compared to what was available in TFNS.

Trade Finance Global user guide

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All your incoming and outgoing trade finance transactions will remain in Trade Finance Global for 10 years or until you decide to purge them. This gives your company an excellent tool for auditing and reporting, without having to depend on paper files. Trade Finance Global is available 24/7.
To create a template: Open a DC or Guarantee application or collection instruction. Fill out all the data that normally remains the same, e.g. names and addresses, etc. Click the "Template" button at the end of the page and give the template a suitable name.

To use a template: Click the "T" that will appear to the right of e.g. "Documentary Credit."
After having completed the DC application, press the Export button at the bottom of the work page. Then you will be able to see a draft of the DC issuance [SWIFT MT700].
To remove one item: Click the Delete Icon.

To remove several items: Click the “Bulk Operation” button found at the bottom of the incoming correspondence tab. Click "search" to see all items in your Inbox or specify your criteria and the click "search". Now you get a list of all items in your Inbox. Mark the ones to be removed and then click the “Save” button at the end of the list. The "removed" items can always be found under Deal History.
You will find all kinds of help in the user guides at
The reason for this can very often be that you are making a deal where the amount is higher than you are authorised for. To enable you to do this, it requires the supervisor to make some corrections to your profile by choosing "signature levels." Then "edit" the relative product, raise the amount and save.
No, you will be informed by e-mail notification every time we send something to your inbox, provided that you have ticked these boxes in your customize settings.
Yes, there is an Excel option under “Inquiry.” Trade Finance Global’s report centre also enables you to create reports in other file formats.
You can still find the case under Deal History found in the Inquiry Menu.
Choose "Transaction Status." Then click Search and you will get a chronology of all your transactions.
Whilst creating a transaction using an existing template, click the "Update Template" button at the bottom of the work page. You are also able to edit templates by entering the "Templates Register" available in the "Customize" menu.