Trade & working capital

Corporates that effectively manage their working capital benefit from better cash flow, enjoy greater potential returns on invested capital and can easily reduce the cost of funding. Only with clear and complete shared ownership of working capital management at the highest levels of the company, can you orchestrate the full range of activities available to you to maximise results. We know your business has its own unique challenges, tied to organisational structures, operating models and business strategies.  


Some common areas to focus on

  • Gaining a complete view of what working capital management (WCM) means in your organisation and of all the factors that affect it  

  • Achieving clear ownership of the different WCM activities at the highest level so a unified strategy can be agreed and implemented across the full range of activities that define good working capital management   

  • Defining the WCM strategy. Many factors affecting capital management are interrelated – you need to achieve the best balance between the expectations of both shareholders and customers 

Ensuring the ability to measure WCM by benchmarking and putting of quantified measurements in place. This means you can set and communicate clear targets right across the organisation.  


A holistic approach to working capital management 

Nordea takes a holistic approach to working capital management. Our full offering – including cash management, trade & supply chain finance and FICC (fixed income, currencies and commodities) solutions – can supply you with the services and tools to help you reach your targets.  

Within the area of cash management, we can help you optimise your account structure by introducing an appropriate set-up to improve liquidity management. This might be our cross-border Global Cash Pool solution or, for cash forecasting purposes, which can help you gain greater control over your working capital.  

Account centralisation can also help you re-engineer your company’s liquidity structures and optimise working capital in practice, while centralisation and standardisation of payment processes and collection processes (straight through processing of receivables) can also have a positive impact on working capital.   


Partner with Nordea on your WCM journey 

The journey ahead can be exceptionally different – but as the biggest financial institution in the Nordics, Nordea is familiar with a wide array of challenges. If you’d like to find out more about how Nordea can help your working capital management project, get in touch with us or speak to your local Adviser. 

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