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Nordea participates in the Finnish Work Does Not Discriminate campaign for action to promote equality in the workplace

Press releases | 20-08-2018 11:36

Nordea participates in the broad-based #eisyrji campaign against discrimination which aims to change attitudes and reduce discrimination in Finnish workplaces. The goal is to make equality in the workplace a matter of course. Nordea is committed to promoting a workplace culture that has no place for discrimination.

- We in Nordea value a diverse working community in which everybody’s ideas and their rich diversity are appreciated. Working calls for team work, and a diverse team is always more than the sum of its parts, as everybody’s skills count. We need representatives from different genders and generations, people coming from different cultures and those who otherwise think and perceive the world differently for some reason or another. This is how we guarantee the best possible added value for our customers as well, says Sini Kivekäs, Head of People Services at Nordea. 

She cites internationality as an example of Nordea’s diversity. 

- In addition to the Nordic countries, Nordea operates in many different countries across the world and our employees represent dozens of different nationalities – over 40 in Finland alone. It is a privilege to be employed by a multicultural company, she says. 

The campaign was initiated by the Confederation of Finnish Industries (EK) and, in addition to Nordea, 17 other businesses and organisations of varying size, representing various sectors are participating in its launch stage. 

- Fair treatment at the workplace is one of everybody’s basic rights. Equality is an active attitude which cannot be haggled over, says Sini Kivekäs. 

- We want to participate in bringing this important theme into active discussion, and we also engage our employees in active dialogue on this, she continues. 

The participants in the launch stage are Nordea and the S Group, Elisa, McDonalds, the University of Helsinki, Valio, K-Group, ISS, SOL, Osuuspankki, Finnair, Antell, Fortum, Neste, Miltton, Nokia, Aava and Barona. All participants commit to promoting an open workplace culture that is free of discrimination. 

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For further information:
Sini Kivekäs, Head of People Services in Finland, +358 50 304 3165
Satu Malkamäki, Chief Press Officer, +358 50 448 1182