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To us, banking is about enabling dreams and everyday aspirations. That’s what we do and that’s what you’ll be part of when joining us – whether you’ll be developing smooth online payment solutions, advising a family buying their first house or helping a start-up grow.

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How we work at Nordea

We want to be a workplace-based company, as we believe in the value of bringing people together. When we meet face to face, it brings energy to our workday – we are more creative and we collaborate more easily within our teams and across units.

At the same time, we treasure flexibility; both towards our customers and in the way we work.
Therefore, when possible and depending on our roles and our teams, we will support up to two days of remote working per week. This is what we call a hybrid working model.

The model we are introducing will help us move towards a new normal: teaming up in the office but also having the flexibility to do focused tasks from home and manage our work/life balance.

We offer our employees a workplace that promotes wellbeing and an inclusive atmosphere, allowing for a healthy work-life balance.

Parental leave

We strive to offer equal opportunities and access to parental leave for all parents in Nordea. Parents are entitled to leaves during pregnancy and childbirth but also during infancy and adoption where we enable parental leave of several months which can be shared between parents. After parental leave, our employees may also take unpaid childcare leave. The conditions of the parental leave benefits are adapted to each country’s legislation, but also exceed the legal requirements. Our Group-wide policy of equal opportunities for parental leave recognises different family types and goes beyond what is legally required of us in many of our operating countries.

Flexible working hours

Our employees have the option of a flexible start and end time for their workday, provided it fits the role and is agreed upon with the leader, and in some countries, the union. Employees in some roles have the possibility to plan all working hours independently.

Part time

Our employees are entitled to reduced working hours to manage different aspects of their life, for example if they have small children. Nordea also supports employees who want to work part time for other reasons, on a permanent or temporary basis, if it fits the role and is agreed upon with the leader.

Balanced work-life

Our employees get time off for different special occasions, such as marriage, moving house, or parent-related instances. Our employees may also get time off for study leave for planned professional studies or sabbaticals. Leaves of absence are agreed upon with the leader and the occasions that qualify for time off and the terms and conditions of leave of absence depend on the country.

It is important to provide support to our employees during challenging times. Employees may get time off to take care of a child or a close relative at a time of sudden sickness. Depending on the country, our employees also have the possibility to take carers’ leave to help close relatives in times of serious illness or disability.

Health of our people

We promote the wellbeing of our employees and therefore occupational healthcare services and health check-ups are available for our employees. To optimise our work environment and encourage healthy working habits we have training in office ergonomics, stress and time management and pausing for short exercises during the workday.

At more challenging times, our employees have access to mental health support, confidential psychologist consultation and crisis support. 

Recreational activities

Striving for a balanced work-life, we recognise the importance of free time and encourage our employees to have a healthy lifestyle and take part in physical activities. We promote sports and cultural activities by supporting various internal personnel club activities. We focus on club activities that are accessible to as many employees as possible e.g. in the areas of sports, music, arts and crafts.


Conditions and availability of these programmes vary according to local legislations in our operating countries.

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