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Electronic invoices
All invoicing at Nordea takes place electronically. Suppliers must not send invoices directly to the ordering unit in Nordea.
This page describes Nordea's invoice requirements, payment terms and other necessary information for correct invoicing.

E-commerce at Nordea consists of electronic purchasing and electronic invoicing. Both areas need to be set up efficiently in order for Nordea and our suppliers to achieve the benefits.

Invoice format and content play a vital part for complying with Nordea E-commerce requirements. Suppliers are requested to issue electronic invoices in order to comply with Nordea’s requirements. Compliance with these requirements ensures suppliers payment on time and Nordea efficient invoice handling. If you are not able to issue electronic invoices, please contact Nordea via the contact form to receive further instructions.

Nordea invests time and resources in E-commerce and expects its suppliers to do the same. The benefit of using this methodology for you as a supplier is timely and efficient processing of your payment.

Please read more about Nordea’s E-commerce in our Supplier Handbook.

Invoice requirements (pdf, 22 KB)

New invoicing details from 1 October 2018 (last update with e-invoice adresses) (pdf, 22 KB)

*Please be informed that we are performing campaign of checking supplier email addresses. We are only asking if email in database is valid without asking for any other details.

Such emails are only sent from mailbox. If you received question regarding such mail please confirm that it is correct.